SSTHIS: Laurence’s 1995 Ford Lightning

In case you didn’t know, Laurence (aka SSTHIS) is a die hard Ford fanatic. After selling his 1000hp 9 second Lightning, he was in the market for another Ford. But this time something different. Therefore, he posted in the Gen 1 Ford Lightning page on Facebook but no luck until a couple of weeks later a friend tagged him in a post of one for sale. The truck is a 1995 Ford Lightning with 96,000 miles in great condition. Laurence sent a deposit and met up with the owner to purchase the truck immediately after viewing the truck pictures.

1995 ford lightning

Now the fun begins! First mod, if you even want to call it that, is the Window tint; including the Front Windshield!

window tint on ford lighting

The next step was smoking the headlights and tail lights. Install the cowhood and color correction by Draztik Changez

Ford lightning cowl hood


17x11 Intro Wheels

17×11 Intro Torino wheels. Now time for a drop by Blacktop Industries

1995 ford lightning

Lowered ford lightning

Wheels: Intro Torino 17×11
Front tires: Nitto 285/40
Rear tires: M&H Racemaster
Suspension: Blacktop Industries 3/2 drop
Engine: Stock for now but forged Coyote 5.0 with a Pro-Charger F1-A in the works by Martinez Race Engines

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