Hey guys new member here Alright i gotta a problem on my f150 4.6 2005 hopefully you can point me in the right direction
My truck turns on and idles fine
But when i push the gas pedal it doesnt rev or make any noise it just sounds like its idling
At first i thought it was the tps so i already had one i bought for my other truck so i swapped that ..nothing still the same so i checked the codes on it
2 codes came out cant remember what they were but it was for 02 senor and egr
So i had bought some new 02 sensors and hi flow cats since im running long tube headers and also a egr valve put them on nothing still the same
So idk people are telling me its either the throttle body or gas pedal sensor but i cant get any codes on it and i dont wanna keep buying parts and guessing has anyone had this problem before or heard of something similar